May 30, 2017

General Tips

Over the years, alumni have offered their advice to incoming students at the European Study Center. Contribute your tips here!

Amex is not a thing in Strasbourg. Beware, no one will take it!
Frankfurt Hahn airport is almost 2 hours from Frankfurt and takes extra time and money to get to, factor it in
Buy a shammie or shamwow or whatever for traveling – towels aren’t provided in most hostels and you need something that will dry quickly to pack back in same day
Au Brasserie 530-730pm is happy hour = 2 euro 1/2 liter beer (the brune is awesome) and 3 euro tarte flambés
the school cafeteria is actually pretty good and cheap for lunch
pack light – I have too many souvenirs to take home and it’s a struggle
shopping here can be cheap and awesome: especially in germany and especially in Primark in Frankfurt (and some other cities)
the walls here are bare and boring, bring pictures from home
Flixbus is a very cheap way to get around Germany
the notebooks here are mostly gridded/graphing paper instead of normal lines, BYO if that’ll bother you
Go somewhere out of Western Europe and ask questions while your there
there are free walking tours in most cities and theyre awesome, ask your hostel
ALWAYS check in and print your ticket for the discount airlines (70 euro fee otherwise)
download viber and whatsapp now or consider switching to tmobile where youll still have data and texting while abroad
bring a watch, not only is it necessary after you start ditching your phone because it’s useless but it’s the easiest way to know what time it is back home at a glance (complete opposite of the hour hand)
take the 5 week or 1 week classes, they’re completely worth the professors are better, the material is more interesting and then you’ve already finished a class or two halfway through the semester
Sandemans New Europe has amazing free tours in most major cities
bed bugs are real and they suck – check the reviews of your hostels well
it’s outside of strasbourg but if you make friends with someone who has a car go to Mood club, it’s the biggest and best anywhere around here to dance
Le Salamandre is the best spot for nightlife in Strasbourg
Your closest Ryanair airports are Strasbourg (not many destinations), Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, and Basel
The Crepe stand at Place Broglie will give you a free crepe on your birthday
It is cheaper to make train reservations through Deutsche Bahn in Kehl than at TGV in Strasbourg
Get acredit card with mastercard or visa that doesn’t have international charges– travel cards are a plus because youll rack up points through hotels/hostels/planes/trains
The Chocolate/Nutella muffins at the café across from IEP (La maison aux pains) are fantastic
The culture pass through Universtie de Strasbourg can help you be cultured on the cheap– the symphony is great! And you can enter museums (though many of them have free days as well)
There is a GIANT supermarket at the Esplanade tram/bus stop
The best eclairs are at Maison Caffet . They’re a little more expensive, but they are soooo worth it
Paul has the best bread, hands down.
Bagelstein bagels are not NY style
It’s more worth it to get a european sim card if you don’t want to deal with dial-up speed or $10 a day. You can get service at 10 euro per month and it works across all of europe
If you have a mac and experience issues with the computer, bring it to the apple store and bring your american charger… some people in our group were given french plugs
if you want to buy hangers and blankets, check out one of the dollar stores in Kehl
El Bolero in Kehl will not satisfy your mexican food cravings
Planet sushi has a conveyor belt
Oh My Goodness Café has good wifi
If you want to go to a public bathroom in most parts of Germany, it’ll probably cost you a euro
Outside of paris, the best macarons are at Galeries Lafayette