June 2, 2017

Travel Ideas

There are plenty of ways to travel beyond Strasbourg while on study abroad.

Take a Plane

Strasbourg has their own airport, but there are multiple airports nearby. The three closest airports to Strasbourg are the Entzheim (Strasbroug), Baden-Baden, and Basel. Check out this list to view all the locations serviced by discount flight retailers from Strasbourg’s closest airports.

Take a Train

You can take the train to destinations such as Metz, Paris, Colmar, Basel, Heidelberg, and Frankfurt. Usually for trips lasting around 2 hours you can get a ticket for €20 (except for Paris, around €100). You may purchase tickets on the SNCF website (French trains), Deutsche Bahn website (German trains), or directly at the Strasbourg and Kehl train stations where there are usually representatives that speak English. There are companies that offer fraudulent tickets, it is best to buy train tickets directly from the train company. Deutsche Bahn also has promotional tickets for regional trains, consult their website for more information.

Eurail: Eurail passes are a popular option for study abroad students

because they allow flexibility with traveling and trains. If you use a Eurail pass, note that you often need to make a reservation for a seat on high-speed trains, this can be done at the train station or through the Eurail app (if done in advance). Seat reservations and couchettes tend to cost less if you make the arrangement through Deutsche Bahn.

Take a Bus

Europe has a very connective and inexpensive bus system. ALSA, OuiBus, Megabus, and Flixbus  are the largest bus operators. The Strasbourg bus station is at Place de l’Ètoile (Ètoile Bourse tram/CTS bus stop), the Kehl bus station is in front of Kehl Hauptbahnhof (train station).

Rent a Car

If you prefer travel by car you will also have the possibility to rent a car. The car rentals are at the train station and you will find many companies, including: Sixt, Avis, Hertz, and EuRopcar.

Day Trip Ideas

With the rich history and cultural diversity in Europe, every town has their own unique charm, and there are multiple options to travel in Strasbourg’s backyard to experience something new! In France, many students travel to Nancy, Colmar, Mulhouse, and Metz; Baden-Baden in Germany, and Basel, Switzerland are some of the most popular day trips.

There are also activity-based trips including hiking in the Vosges, water sports at Parc des Eaux Vives (border of Switzerland), paragliding, ropes course, and the Europa Park theme park.